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By: Robert F. Ludwick | Game Data | 11:44pm, November 10, 2004
ImageGunBound is a very good battle game that is addicting and fun to play.

GunBound is really difficult to classify as to what you do in the game. The best way to describe it is "Worms-like." If you never played Worms, here is the basics of GunBound. In three of the four game modes, you can play either alone or with a team against one or a team of enemies. You can pick between a bunch of different mobiles (Vehicles of attack), and then the two teams try to attack each other in turn.

It is a geometry-based game where you can use three different shooting styles to shoot, but I'll give you the first one you'll use: slice. You line up your mobile and adjust your angle of shot, then you hold down the spacebar for as long as you'd like, giving your shot power, then it shoots. Sounds simple, but it is difficult until you get the hang of it.

Now that I've explained the most of the game, let's get into the meat of it. The gameplay is very fun for the three attack-based modes: solo, tag, and score. Trying to line up shots and hit your enemies while dodging your teammates is difficult and extremely satisfying when done correctly and when you get praise for it.

In solo mode you get one life and that's it. In tag mode you can switch between two mobiles, but once you die with either of them, you're done. Then in score mode, you/your team has to kill the opponents a set number of times to win. Within each mode are tons of customizable variables, as well as a plethora of maps to play on.

The game doesn't get old very easily. I found myself just itching to play another round of it to win some more gold. Let's explore gold. You can buy items for your avatar, as it is named, with gold or cash (You buy cash with real-life money). The only way to get gold is to play the game endlessly, because the items are expensive enough that you'll easily have to play about 150 games to get a mid-range product. There are even some items that cost so much you'd have to play nearly 250 or more games to earn enough gold to buy them. And you get gold by winning games, shooting well, hitting hard enough, and other various things within the game.

The items all have different attributes. There are eight different attributes to your avatar, so there is a great degree of strategy involved with the items. In my opinion, they do not turn the tide of the battle quite enough at times. Sure, they affect you and how the game will be played, but your skill and the skill of your opponents is thrust into the spotlight much more than any items you may have, or your mobile.

The mobiles also have their own unique attributes. They all have their own unique weapons, and there is a wide variety of wepons and shots that is involved among the entire pool of mobiles. Again, like with the items, sometimes the actual abilities and pitfalls of each mobile may not play into the game enough. For example, machine-based mobiles do lose a little more life to an electrical shot, but it really isn't significant enough to change the outcome of the game.

Regardless if the items and mobiles do not play into their own strengths and weaknesses enough, there is strategy abound in this game. The placement of your mobile in maps can be critical, as well as the mobile you are using. If you are not using one that has a high angle shot ability, and you're stuck in a deep hole, you might as well shoot at the sides of the hole because you'll have no chance to hit anybody. In addition, the free items that you can put in your avatar's slots for each game impact the game. One of them allows you to shoot twice in a row, another allows you to teleport.

The shot order in the game is determined by a delay system, which makes picking what weapon to shoot and what (If any) item to attach to it more critical. If you load up a long-delay shot and also add in a double hit, you're going to be waiting a long time to shoot again.

The community in the game leaves much to be desired. It is a very international community, but many of the players do not like new players to the game. I had a rough welcome when I got in my first game and didn't know how to play. The community doesn't go very far to getting new players into it, and will bicker and moan when one player is laggy.

Speaking of getting to know how to play the game... One thing that detracts from how well this game has been put together is the English used in it. English is obviously not the first language of softnyx, the creators. But the English translation is so bad sometimes on the website that you cannot adequately determine what in the world they are trying to say. It makes learning the game very difficult because you have to do much of it on your own.

Another pitfall is that there is no real game guide to GunBound. The website has a great many statistics, but no real guide, so you're stuck learning what in the world "bunge" means (It means hitting a player off the bottom of the map without taking their life to zero -- it's a kill). This game could be truly great if the English inside the game was better translated.

All-in-all, this is a really good game that just needs an attitude adjustment and someone to translate everything more effectively into the English language.

7.8 Gameplay 888 8
Replayability 999 9
Interface 888 8
Community 666 6
Reviewer's Tilt 888 8
Views Today: 0 | Total Views: 1,780

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