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Halo 2 Owns You
By: Robert F. Ludwick | Game Data | 6:06pm, November 16, 2004
ImageSo weíre all aware that Halo 2 came out last week. Yes, one of the most anticipated games every has reached the shelves. How does it stack up?

Well, to put it bluntly, it owns you. Everything about you. It owns your money (At least $49.99 anyway), it owns your time, and it owns your thoughts. Your dreams. Your aspirations. Yes, it owns all of them! And why not? Itís simply such a great game that you must get it immediately.

Halo 2 picks up where Halo left off. The single-player campaign is really the only sore-spot for the game, but since many have the game to play online, itís nothing thatís going to make the game any more mediocre. The campaign is short, and relatively easy. Itís straightforward as well, so thereís no ďgo backĒ missions. Youíre always pushing forward. The computer AI, however, is pretty good for the campaign. The only noticeable flaw is that they canít drive around obstacles very well. But that doesnít matter.

Dual-wielding weapons in Halo 2 is absolutely awesome. Being able to pump an opponent full of lead from two assault rifles at once is one of the most satisfying things possible in a first-person shooter, unless youíve blown him up with a rocket launcher. Unfortunately, dual-wielding has the drawback that you cannot use your grenades, so you have to actually drop the second gun to gain access to the grenades. Itís all tactical strategy though, because we all know how nice it is to get a plasma grenade stuck to an opponent and watch them know their death is imminent.

ImageThe online multiplayer component of Halo 2 is well, well crafted. It can automatically match you against other players of equal caliber, so you wonít get a beat-down every single game. You can also create a party to join games together, and the clan support is monstrous. Clans can hold 100 members, and could theoretically wage all sorts of clan-vs-clan wars in the Halo 2 universe. Simply great.

There are so many multiplayer maps in Halo 2, and so many ways to configure them for a game, that the possibilities of game types is nearly endless. There are multiple maps, modes, settings for each mode, and possible values for each setting that it will take you until Halo 3 comes out to play every single possibility.

When push comes to shove, Halo 2 does neither: it creams you with a sledgehammer. Get it and play it, because if you donít youíre missing out!

9.8 Gameplay 999 9
Replayability 101010 10
Interface 101010 10
Community 101010 10
Reviewer's Tilt 101010 10
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So we're all aware that Halo 2 came out last week. Yes, one of the most anticipated games every has reached the shelves. How does it stack up? Well, to put it bluntly, it owns you. Everything about you. It owns your money (At least $49.99...

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