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Adventure Quest Review
Hard work and determination pays off for popular online game
By: Blair Morris | Game Data | 12:16am, August 30, 2005
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A hope, a dream, and a wish won't get you anything in life as a game developer. Hard work and determination, now that'll get you more than you've hoped, dreamed, and wished for. What will it get you exactly? For Adventure Quest, over twenty-thousand gamers.

You may recognize Adventure Quest from their "Ads by Goooooogle" advertisement, that many games have on their websites, including (start clicking some ads people). Well, if you ever take the time to click their ad, register, and start your adventure, you'll experience just that, an adventure. Now the true adventure is, does this hard work and determination pay off in the game experience.

After, going through the sign up process, you'll meet Twilly, a moglin, and choose your in game name, as well as your character's starting face (hair actually, since the faces are the same) that you can change later in the game. You'll then be in the town of Battlon. From here, your adventure begins. Your choices of what to do next is up to you, and there are many choices, but the tutorial is always a great place to start.

The tutorial covers the basics well enough, but the style and delivery in the tutorial gives you the feel of an RPG you'd find on counsels, which comes as a good experience. The dialog is a bit lacking in the tutorial, as is most character dialog in the game, but it covers the point of the message that's trying to relay. You'll be able to look past the dialog, but what you may not be able to over look is the battle sound effects. After only a few battles, you'll be scrambling to find the sound "off" option.

Another annoyance with the game you'll come across, as a non Guardian -- paying players are Guardians -- is the server limit for online players. Of course this is an incentive to pay for the ability to play anytime you want, but for kids with no bank account, players that just aren't interested in giving many to MMOs, or reviewers trying to get a review out within a week or two, you could be waiting all day to get on and play. We're not going to fault Adventure Quest for trying to make some money, you can still play the game free, and there are other incentives you may be interested in if you want to become a Guardian.

Despite some negatives, Adventure Quest offers some great features. You'll have numerous quest, events, and stories for your character to experience. This will keep you coming back for a new adventure each time. The developers have also taken great time to create and give their gamers many different weapons, armors, shields, spells, and animal friends (pets) to aid you in battles. The enemies in battles are vast as well. Unless you put hours upon hours into playing, you'll rarely come across the same enemy constantly. Each level up your character receives opens new enemies to fight as well.

Speaking of leveling up, the only statistics that increase automatically are your hit points and magic points. You do receive five stat points which you'll need to go to a stat trainer (and defeat) to put them towards your other stats. You appreciate the creativity in this, but questions can arise if this is really needed, especially when you also need to spend your money (in game) to receive the training. The trainers stats increase (along with the cost) so this can turn into another annoyance as well.

The battle system is easy to learn, though it's nothing to get excited about. It does however make you consider your enemies weakness to various elements and techniques, so you'll want to keep a different weapon, armor, shield, spell, and pet elementals in you inventory. It may sound a little costly, but you can defeat an enemy without having the element they're weakest against in your inventory. You can also equip your equipment during battle, without losing a turn to the enemy, so that's a plus.

The graphics in battle (as in the entire game) are well done. They fit the game's style nicely and and stay true to it's theme. The monsters vary in their looks (some species only differ in color) and most are original in concept. Some of the background art and character graphics is great to look at, only a handful inspires you to speed through as fast as possible to the next scene or battle. You'll appreciate it that they didn't go over the top here, and kept it simple. Most graphical MMOs will go all out on they're graphics and forget their game's style and theme totally.

Adventure Quest's hard work and determination has shown in the number of gamers and loyal Guardians that has made the game one of the fastest growing in the MMO community. However, hard work and determination doesn't mean there's no need for improvement, saying that it should also be mention they do update and add features weekly. If you're interested in finding a game to play in some spare time, give Adventure Quest a try. Although once you're able to get in and play it, you may no longer have that spare time. If you're willing to pay for a Guardian account, we highly recommend spending some of your free time with this popular MMORPG.

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7.6 Gameplay 888 8
Replayability 888 8
Interface 777 7
Community 777 7
Reviewer's Tilt 888 8
Views Today: 0 | Total Views: 11,929

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