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Stellar Conflicts Review
By: Blair Morris | Game Data | 5:55am, September 9, 2005
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Back in the day it seemed Asteroids was as good as it gets in the space, action-shooter game genre -- mainly because it was the only one available at the arcades then. How the times have changed. No longer do you have to head for the arcades, or even to your nearest retail store, you have one only a few clicks away in Stellar Conflicts.

Unlike Asteroids, you don't float around shooting some stray asteroids here and there, instead you're moving around a large sector of space fighting players and AI ships, avoiding fire from structures, and much more. You'll also marvel in the detail of stats and features placed around the screen making your in flight experience the more enjoyable. However, before I give you the impression that all Stellar Conflicts has to offer is shooting each other, lets start from the beginning.

Once you have your account registered, you begin in a docking station. Here you have multiple options available from buying different ships, accessories for your ships, and various goods. There's also a mission list to choose from as well as a detailed preferences. With the numerous ships to choose from and accessories to buy, you'll have numerous combinations to try out.

As I mentioned previously, while cruising around in space there's many activities to take on. Actually, you're free to do whatever you please, and as always, freedom is a plus. The controls in the game are great, unlike some other real-time animation games. This well be a blessing since you and your ship will have to be quick to flee danger, or attack an incoming enemy.

The game's graphics are great for 2D animation. For the flash type game that it is, the graphics compliment it nicely. They also don't bury the game play aspect like most graphic heavy games tend to do. Some games become overwhelmed with adding and making the best graphics where they forget to focus on what counts the most, the game play.

One of my favorite aspects of Stellar Conflicts was that there's no penalty for being defeated. They really press the fact that they are more of straight up battle game with this, and for the new players, you won't have to worry about losing a single thing if defeated by a more experienced player. So if you're defeated, you just end up regenerating at the last place you saved, and will keep everything you had before destroyed. Very n00b friendly.

Speaking of friendly, the Stellar Conflict community was great. The willingness to help players with problems and answering questions without feeling like you're an unwanted n00b is something that all games should focus on. Stellar Conflicts' community really should be something to strive to be like for most games. Special thanks to the GameMods.

Some things that I wish Stellar Conflicts offered was more of an overall storyline. You have missions with a bit of a storyline, but the overall game is a little lacking. Although, no major storyline doesn't hurt the game too much. Another wish is a faster computer for myself because that frame rate boot was a little annoying at times.

Yes, space action-shooter games have come a long way since Asteroids. Stellar Conflicts is a great game to carry on what Asteroids started over 20 years ago. This will be one that you may see me playing from time to time. Plus they offer so many more features than we mention that you could spend days playing. I highly recommend giving Stellar Conflicts a chance, you won't be disappointed. No doubt "Grandpa" Asteroids would be proud.

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6.2 Gameplay 555 5
Replayability 666 6
Interface 666 6
Community 888 8
Reviewer's Tilt 666 6
Views Today: 0 | Total Views: 4,130

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