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E3 Coverage [UPDATED #2]
OMGN will be on hand in Los Angeles covering E3
7:16pm, May 9, 2006
OMGN’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) coverage has kicked off.

Tomorrow, OMGN will be on hand at the Los Angeles Convention Center covering the latest news from one of the largest and most popular events in the video game industry. We will be bringing you updates throughout the entire day, so make sure you keep checking back with us frequently.

As a reminder, OMGN has expanded it’s coverage to all types of video games, from Grand Theft Auto and Sonic the Hedgehog to even the independent browser-base games ran on a single, six-year old server.  So we'll have all your video game urges covered.

E3 2006 comes to a close today, May 12; however, this doesn't mean OMGN's coverage will be ending as well.  OMGN will be continue to bringing you everything from further news, updates and reports to pictures, detailed game data and lots more as our coverage continues into next week.  Remember to stop by frequently at OMGN as we bring you all the E3 2006 aftermath.

In case there may be some news you’ve missed, we’ll be posting links to the various news items on OMGN at the end of this announcement.

Friday, May 12
Atlus Announces 'Rule of Rose'
GBA Summons Two New Action RPGs
Atlus U.S.A. Is on the Case

Thursday, May 11
ISI Teams With Intel for F1 Title
Tokobots Set to Takeover the PS2
'EVE Online' Reveals the Path to Kali
Apes Leaping to the PSP and PS2
Two 'Ace Combat' Titles Takes-Off
Say Hello to My 'Lil Friends
Atari Unveils GamersFirst Program
Galaga to Debut Exclusive to Sprint
'Super Pac-Man' Giveaway
'PES 6' Takes the Field
'Bomberman' Set for PSP and Xbox 360
'Coded Arms' Blows Away PS3 and PSP
Hellboy Hits Next-Generation Formats
'Silent Hill' on the Move

Wednesday, May 10
'Metal Gear Solid' Infiltrates PSP
Konami Brings 'Elebits' to Wii
Capcom Announces 'Mega Man ZX'
LucasArts Finds a Real-Life Partner
Sigil and Mystic Team Up
Activision on the Move
'ATV Offroad Fury' on Mobile Phones
Glu Signs 'Jesus' for Poker Products
Atari Brings Horror to PS3
Earthworm Jim Is Back
GTA: Vice City Stories on the PSP
Al Lowe Un-Retires
'Street Fighter' Fights Back on PS2
'Dead Rising' Launches in August
The Return of Sir Arthur
Wii Gets Madden
'Mercenaries 2' Coming to the PS3
'Monster Hunter Freedom' Unleashed
'Mega Man Battle Network 6' on GBA
Court is Back in Session on DS
'God Hand' Coming to the PS2
'Golden Axe' Returns
Nintendo Takes a Leap

Tuesday, May 9
Sony Launches PSP ‘Greatest Hits’
Microsoft and Funcom Sign Agreement
Bill Gates Makes First E3 Appearance
New Grand Theft Auto Title in 2007
Free PSP Content via WLAN
Sonic Speeds to the Wii Console
New Titles in Square Enix Series
Next 'Dragon Quest' Title Revealed
Next Generation of 'Final Fantasy'
Headless Hero Coming to PSP
'Uru Live' Lives on at GameTap
Sierra Hits the Reset Button
Activision Ups the Ante
SEGA Announces 'Virtua Fighter 5'
PS3 Launch Date Announced
Auran Unleashes Their 'Fury'

Interested in writing for OMGN, and possibly cover E3 2007 for us?  Click here to find out more.
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E3 Coverage [UPDATED #2] (May 9, 2006; 0 Comments)
OMGN’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) coverage has kicked off.Tomorrow, OMGN will be on hand at the Los Angeles Convention Center covering the latest news from one of the largest and most popular events in the video game industry. We will...

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Going to E3 (May 3, 2006; 0 Comments)
We've got a spectacular announcement to make here at OMGN: We're headed to E3!We're sending two OMGN representatives out to E3 this year to connect OMGN with the videogame industry above how we are now. We also plan on taking pictures...