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Game: PlanetSide
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PlanetSide's First YearPlanetSide's First Year (June 8, 2004; 0 Comments)
To celebrate the first year anniversary, PlanetSide and Sony Online Entertainment are offering several specials to appeal to prospective players and veterans alike. If you want to try PlanetSide, you can now purchase the full game plus 30 days...

PlanetSide Reviewed at GameRifts (August 26, 2003; 0 Comments)
GameRifts has their latest reveiew up, this time they take to battle in the lands of Auraxis and review the FPS/MMO game "PlanetSide" released by Sony Online Entertainment. From the Review: "PlanetSide is a fast action-packed and...

GameRifts Planet Side Giveway (August 5, 2003; 0 Comments)
GameRifts at is currently giving away eight copies of PlanetSide at to random winners along with an exclusive set of the PlanetSide Frisbee's to one of the winners, that were being...

PlanetSide's Future Plans (June 13, 2003; 0 Comments)
From: PlanetSide News : News PlanetSide's Future Plans Folks, A lot of you have expressed curiousity as to what the Dev Team is up to in regards to PlanetSide and its future content. Now that we've had a few weeks to shake out the...

Press Release: PlanetSide Launched (May 19, 2003; 0 Comments)

PlanetSide to Ship May 19th, 2003 (April 28, 2003; 0 Comments)
According to sources, the folks at Sony Online Entertainment have set a hard date of May 19th, 2003 for when their latest game, PlanetSide is to ship out to waiting stores.

PlanetSide NDA Has Been Lifted (April 14, 2003; 0 Comments)
The Non-Disclosure Agreement for PlanetSide has just been lifted. This means that players can publically talk about what they think about the game without fear of Official Reprisals for talking about the less pleasant aspects of the game in...

Open Planetside Beta (April 14, 2003; 0 Comments)
The following is a news piece from the Planetside website. Apparently, Planetside is now going into an open beta phase to get over 25,000 people testing out the upcoming game. =====----- Folks, The time has come. We've been running with...

Apply For PlanetSide Beta (February 24, 2003; 0 Comments)
PlanetSide is apparently accepting applications for the Public Beta Test again. News below. =====----- We are once again accepting applications for the PlanetSide Public Beta Test. When applying, be sure to follow the application process all...

Planetside Updated At Gamespot (December 9, 2002; 0 Comments)
Planetside, a persistent first-person shooter in development by Sony Online Entertainment, has recieved an updated preview at Gamespot. You can view the update here.

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