SoftInform Technologies Press Release

SoftInform Technologies has released iNetFormFiller 3.6.20, a tool for form-filling on the internet. iNetFormFiller is the only package software that can batch-submit data from your CSV files and SQL databases to web forms in one click. If that?s what you need, look no further ? iNetFormFiller is the only way to go!
Instead of wasting on manual copy-and-paste, access your records in a CSV file or a SQL database, match them with your profile, select the form, and click the ?Batch-submit? button ? iNetFormFiller will do the rest for you. That is, it will submit the entire selection of records to the forms you?ve specified.
Watch how iNetFormFiller batch-submits 6 records with fictional data to a sample web form. Video:
The new version improves recognition of controls on the actual web form. While older versions recognized fields and other data input controls by label, the new version reverses the priority order and identifies fields by their unique IDs included in the HTML source code. This helps avoid errors on large forms with a lot of similar-name controls on them.
In addition to authors posting their texts on different sites, blogs and forums, iNetFormFiller is useful for data entry and data validation managers, especially those involved in:
? banking
? real estate
? PR and HR
? dating business
? healthcare
? transportation
? advertising.
The batch mode is available in two iNetFormFiller editions:
1) iNetFormFiller Professional. The Professional edition is designed for individual power users and can access CSV text for data and batch-submit the records to one web forms in a session.
2) iNetFormFiller Enterprise. In addition to CSV files, the Enterprise edition can access records in SQL databases and submit them to one or MORE web forms in the same session. Moreover, you can access other data sources by tuning the parser via the SDK only available in the Enterprise edition.
With iNetFormFiller, you can:
? create multiple profiles working on different forms, even those you?ve never visited before
? synchronize field values in different profiles
? recognize relevant forms on web pages (when there are more than one form on the page)
? record and reproduce web link clicks
? bind corresponding fields with values in your datasource
? combine values from your datasource in fields of the actual form.
Performance of iNetFormFiller largely depends on complexity and optimization of web forms, but it can be roughly estimated as 20?000 ? 100?000 records submitted a day.
With iNetFormFiller, don?t waste on copy-and-paste!