Cheryl Lemke Searching for Employment

People have often wondered just what happened to veteran meteorologist Cheryl Lemke aka the “temperachores” girl after she accepted a buyout offer from the lamers who run the Weather Channel…right into the ground.

Well, wonder no more. Lemke is searching for employment as a TV weathergal as shown by this posted resume and this official website.

Given her vast experience combined with her polished on-air presentation, it would be a shame if she was unable to land a decent job in this economy.

5 thoughts on “Cheryl Lemke Searching for Employment”

  1. I do not know where you get your inormation, but she was not bought out. She was let go when NBC purchased the station and her contract was up. She was not “bought out”. “BOUGHT OUT” gives the connotation that it was mutual parting of the ways. When you are summarily let go… I would not call that a “BUY OUT”.

  2. While they cleaned out a lot Warmist dead wood that had changed it into the AGW channel, it is a tragedy Cheryl was also lost. I recall her on WTHI-TV in Terre Haute, IN. She was a polished presence in a secondary market. Things being what they are, she is probably too old for a major gig, and will probably end up back in some market like TH. She deserves better.

  3. She hase a great asseet and legs for the job , hope she finds somthing on nashnale tv , she is a sexy lady and hase a great body she can tell me how cold it is she is a smart lady to loved her on the weather channel and her pated red jacket is ok I just coldent geat unouf of her legs and hips to she could do longery modeling you know. hope it werks out fore her , she is sexy in her red jacket i relly thank so but she is hot in a satin dres to ,sorry love larry l .

  4. Glad to see Lempke go, her voice was so annoying and she had become
    a post child for anorixia…..Sorry, but she was just a bag of bones…I thought she would probably die of malnutrition soon…

  5. You sent me to work so many days while in my USAF career. Having an outside job in aircraft maint. It was great to know what to expect throughout the day and when flying off station as a flying crew chief what to expect when we landed somewhere else. Retired but still an outside person, miss your forcast.

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