SoftInform releases SearchInform 4.5.7 Press Release

July 15, 2009 – SoftInform Technologies releases SearchInform v. 4.5.7. The SearchInform lineup provides products for full-text search including similar-content search in large data volumes.
The new version adds several features and enhancements geared towards faster search, and wider file type support. New features introduce support of XML files and numerous archive formats (7Z, ARJ, CAB, JAR…). It also adds support of MAC and DOS text encodings, and sharply increases indexing speed on large MDB files.
The current version also improves on network workstations indexing, providing an integrated network search platform for businesses and organizations.
SearchInform is available in desktop and client-server editions designed for individual users and corporate customers, respectively.
– Phrase search where you can fix the word order and distance between words
– Morphology analysis and ability to tune synonym dictionaries
– Redesigned similar content search built around proprietary SoftInform Search Technology
– Ability to include entire documents in their original format directly to indexes
– High indexing speed: 15?30 GB/h
– High search speed: ~ 1 s.
– Index size: 15-25% of the original text size
– Request caching
– Supports over 80 common file formats, Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, Mozilla Thunderbird and TheBat! email messages, mp3 and avi tags, IM history logs (ICQ 99-2005, QIP, iRC, Trillian, Yahoo!Messenger, and Microsoft Messenger)
– Supports search in SQL databases
– Processes compressed and archived files
– Indexes custom data sources including data management systems.
About SearchInform Technologies
SearchInform Technologies was founded in 1995 and has been operating in the area of information technologies with special focus on searching, storing and processing information. The range of company’s products is quite large and encompasses from mass production of single user-oriented products to ready business solutions to be integrated into corporate systems. Owing to its extensive experience in various projects, the company offers its services on developing custom information systems of any complexity.
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