Spirit Camp Blog

If you are really interested in the world of indie films, then one website that you should find interesting and informative is the Spirit Camp Blog written by director Kerry Beyer of the forthcoming movie Spirit Camp .

Beyer’s blog is chock full of interesting stuff concerning the making and distribution of movies nowadays. One the most important points that he has made lately concerns a factor in film making that most would be filmmakers do not think about until after their movie has already been made.

Quoth Beyer:

Magazines, indie film associations, product manufacturers, film festivals, consultant gurus and producer’s reps all help to promote what I call the “myth of filmmaking.” Just pick up a camera and follow your passion – make your movie, your way, right now, and finance it on your credit card if you have to. The digital revolution is here, and it’s more like an annihilation.

The democratization of film through digital media has made it so everyone can make a film. But it doesn’t mean that everyone should. And as a result there is a glut of product out there dragging prices down faster than the titanic.

This is a great blog and as such is well worth your time.