Buehrle + White Sox Fielding = Perfect

Mark Buehrle
has never been one of my favorite players, but today
he was picture perfect. I never thought that it would ever happen, but here it is:

Chicago White Sox 5, Tampa Bay Rays 0 Game Wrap

Now if he can stop talking about his next contract, then everything will be golden. Speaking of golden, 4th outfielder
Dewayne Wise
‘s fantastic catch in the 9th Inning was what made
Buehrle’s perfect game possible. Wise has taken a lot of flak from
fans who have been seemingly oblivious of the fact that Wise is on the
team for his glove, not his bat.

Hopefully, this is a portent for things to come later this season. Can a
second World Series at the Cell aka U.S. Cellular Field aka Comiskey
Park II be in the offing?