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Shadow Complex Review
Action/Adventure game is excellent
By: Robert F. Ludwick | Game Data | 7:48pm, October 4, 2009
Sure, Shadow Complex came out on August 19th, which is nearly two months ago. This review is one in a series we like to call the "Lazy Gamer" reviews. See, many gamers don't have time to play through a game all the way through as soon as it comes out. Here at OMGN, we're a lot like you. We don't have the time to power through all of the high-profile game releases right when they come out.

So we'll play a game and review it at a pace that most gamers will appreciate. Shadow Complex is the first game in this series we're reviewing, and it was worth playing through all of the way. Shadow Complex is an action/adventure game with shooter and puzzle elements. It's a 2D game with 3D elements. The gist of the storyline is that you are on a backpacking vacation with your girlfriend when she is taken hostage by an underground (literally) organization that believes she's a spy. This starts you on a quest to find her and discover the true intentions of the organization that captured her.

Shadow Complex is an XBox Live Arcade game released for $15. Developed by Chair Entertainment in conjunction with Epic Games, it is an arresting game in the mold of Super Metroid. You control your character from left to right and begin the campaign mode with no weapons or accessories. As you progress in the campaign mode, exploring this massive underground complex, you gain additional weapons and accessories, allowing you to do more and more unbelievable things that would seem to defy the laws of physics.

Visually, Shadow Complex is a great game. As a 2D game with 3D elements, one would expect Shadow Complex to be visually inferior to full retail games, but for what it is, the visuals are excellent. The complex itself is the real star of the show, with its varying environments and drastic visuals in different rooms. The audio in the game is also top-notch for a downloadable game.

The controls in Shadow Complex are easy to learn and retain, and the gameplay mechanics are, for the most part, very solid. Aiming your weapons can be irritating at times when you overcorrect your aim across a large expanse or try to aim at characters in the 3D background. Additionally, it can be difficult to perform certain moves using certain accessories, such as the friction dampener. The friction dampener allows you to move at a very fast pace and to walk and run on walls and ceilings. Unfortunately, jumping across walls and ceilings can be difficult to perform in some cases and may prove frustrating.

The campaign mode is very deep with many hidden items and unlockables. Four difficulty levels will keep you engaged for quite some time, especially with the leaderboards. If that isn't enough, you can jump into the challenge packs to complete some difficult scenarios with only a limited number of items and ammo.

Shadow Complex is a very deep game with a great presentation and good controls. For those lazy gamers of you, it is a wise investment and highly enjoyable.

9.3 Gameplay 999 9
Visuals 999 9
Audio 888 8
Value 999 9
Intangibles 101010 10
Views Today: 0 | Total Views: 9,302

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Sure, Shadow Complex came out on August 19th, which is nearly two months ago. This review is one in a series we like to call the "Lazy Gamer" reviews. See, many gamers don't have time to play through a game all the way through as soon...

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